Bored With Church?
A Churchless Faith, by Alan Jamieson
This book is one of the most important sources of information from dechurched people. It records the reality of what is happening in the church today, and the reality that people are leaving the church from all positions, at all levels, and for all sorts of reasons. A must read for anyone seriously interested in 21st century church
Love Wins, by Rob Bell
Is it possible to believe in a literal, post-mortem hell in the 20th Century? If not, is it possible to believe in a heaven? How can we interpret these beliefs today - Rob asks a lot of these questions, and gives his own thoughts on the answers.
The Post Evangelical, by Dave Thomlinson
Dave Thomlinson was an important leader in the House Church movement, before throwing it all in and reconsidering his own faith. This book challenges many ideas that Evangelicals have about their faith. A book of questions that it is worth getting answers to.
Unintended Consequences, by Andrew Brims
This is a free e-book, that can be downloaded from Andrews blog site. Brilliant book, really challenging questions about why on earth we keep doing the things we have always done. If you would like to do church differently, get in touch.
So, you don't want to go to church any more, by Wayne Jacobson and Dave Coleman
A fictional tale of someone who finds themselves challenged about whether the results of what church does are worthwhile. The answer is - here as so often - is no. But relating to people can.
Why men hate going to church, by David Morrow
An excellent and very challenging book about why church is not men friendly. Not everything is right, or appropriate for the UK, but some good challenges and insights into faith for men.
Christianity after Religion, by Diana Butler Bass
This book is based on research from the US, but does have a lot of applicability to the UK. Harder work than many books here, but well worth a read. More than that, well worth the challenge of putting her ideas into practice in the UK, or wherever you may live.
Jesus died for this?, by Becky Garrison
Becky garrison is an interesting writer, who goes on an journey to try to find truth? Or find Jesus? Her questions and challenges about where Jesus isn't are as revealing as any answers about where he may be.
Leaving the Fold, by Marlene Winell
For anyone who comes from a very fundamentalist church environment, and has rejected their faith entirely, this book might help. For anyone else, I find it too general, too black and white for my liking. Not all faith is fundamentalist. Not everyone wants to reject God just because they reject a particular presentation of Him.
Kissing Fish, by Roger Wolsey
I was hugely disappointed by this book. The problem with 'Progressive Christianity' as Wolsey presents it is that it replaces a rule-based Evangelical Christianity with a rule based Progressive Christianity. For me, I want a faith based Christianity, not a rule based one.
Altar in the World, by Barbara Brown Taylor
A superb book, following a Celtic-like concept of prayer and worship everywhere. Or more importantly, wherever you are - in the world, rather than necessarily the church
Freeing Me, by Travis Klassen
A very painful story of abuse and how easy it is to accept it, not to mention justify it. It also highlights how challenging it is sometimes to get out.
A course investigating Celtic Christianity
This is a course I have put together, exploring Celtic Spirituality, available here for download for free, should anyone want to use it. Celtic Spirituality Course
This is a magazine of radical Christianity, a way of engaging faith with action, in a radical way.
If you have other suggestions, let us know, and we will expand this list. There are more on the reading list, that may appear here in time. If you want to sit down over a drink and discuss one of them, get in touch