Bored With Church?
A satirical website, with discussion boards where you can ask those difficult questions, and meet - and discuss - with other people who think church can be crap
Blog - new whines, old whines, thoughts and considerations on life and faith
Ex Vineyard minister, who continues to provide challenging insights into faith
This went viral, and makes some very good points. There is also an assessment of this at How to fight the man
Another organisation working with the de-churched, based in Australia, but also working in the UK
An online community for those seeking to deconstruct their faith. Run by David Hayward, the Naked Pastor
Part of the Moot community, they host discussions every couple of weeks on subjects around spirituality, but without assuming a Christian starting point
If you have other suggestions, let us know, and we will expand this list. As we find more places, they will be added.