Bored With Church?

This is a place to connect with people who are "de-churched". That means, people who feel that they can no longer be a part of the church, but still have a faith.

We can offer support, talking, meeting, and trying to help people grow and develop their faith outside the church

However, we can only work directly with people in the St Albans UK area. Because we are small, and do not have the resources to cover the whole country.

As a resource, it is available to anyone who want to use it. And if you would like to discuss your issues over email, please get in touch.

If you want to talk to someone, and are in the right area, please contact us.

If you want to discuss your issues on email, please contact us.

What are we planning to do

We would like to get a group together who are interested in a "jam" session, making music, using music to engage with God. Please get in touch if this would be of interest.

If you have other ideas to suggest, or other areas that you would like some help in making happen, please get in touch. If we can, we will help it happen.

More stuff may be announced on the Facebook group, so if you are interested, please join the group